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When do I pay?

You will be asked to pay after we finish your final website, just before we upload it to the server. Before that, you can cancel anytime. It is the same for design only and maintenance.

What does maintenance includes?

Hosting, SiteLock, and backup. Customers can choose any service they need. We also offer free updates with maintenance plans, depending on the plan that you choose.

What does an update mean?

For the maintenance plans, you get a number of free updates depending on the plan that you choose. An update is not the same as a redesign. But let us say that you want to change the position of the slider, add a new contact form, add a new section to your homepage, or change the color for few things in your website then that will be included for free. Every update is about 2 of these changes (like adding a new section and changing the position of the slider), but adding a new section could be considered as one update. These are examples of updates and updates are not limited to only these.

Is there 24/7 support for hosting?

Yes, we do. It is for hosting. We offer 24/7 hosting support.

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